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January 6th, 2010

12:04 pm - The Feast of Brigid

Brigid, Triple Goddess of Well, Forge and Fire has requested your presence at Her Feast on
Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 7 pm.
All in attendance are requested to come attired in black, red and/or white in Her honour.
A tithing of $9 will be collected at the Gate to Her temple.

This ceremony has been enacted in Her honor over the past 15 years in the Pioneer Valley by talented ritual artists, priestesses and priests. You may recall the Ritual as performed by Full Circle CSCD or The Poets of Truth & Sex. No matter our name, we are a somewhat stable, somewhat changing collective of Feri/Faerie/Faery who are occassionally compelled to serve the Lady Brigid in this manner.
While this ceremony is celebratory, it is much more a magical working. We begin, even now, to hold Deep Intention for the work of Healing, Transformation and Inspiration for the members of the diverse magical community here. What is it you need right now as Winter clutches our hearts, minds and spirits? What great Magic do you need to rise up on sturdy feet with grace and ease and beauty?

Will you choose to be Healed? Is it Inspiration you require? Or will you dare ask to be Transformed?
In Love and Honour, She awaits your request.
In Power and Wisdom, She offers Her Blessing.

Jones Library
Amity Street, Amherst MA/
7PM (No admission after 7:30 when doors close and ceremony begins)
$9.00 and upwards sliding scalet cover expenses.

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