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February 2nd, 2010

07:38 pm - Ink & Ecstasy

February 15 - April 5, 2010
Registration Deadline is February 12, 2010

Whether we are spiritual students, seekers or practitioners we know the value and importance of a disciplined spiritual practice. Writing is, for me, such a discipline. I’ve always been a journaller, a scribbler, a list maker. If it’s important, it gets written down.

Writing practice opens us up to ourselves, creating a space where all parts of the self find a voice on the page. It’s impossible to hide from ourselves in all that empty space begging to be covered in ink. Inviting the parts of ourselves to speak their peace, we see ourselves clearly and can come not only into alignment, but agreement so all our parts can work in harmony toward the goal of living our lives in a more fully empowered and authentic way.

Writing practice also opens us to ecstasy. When we write, we are able to discern the voice of the Genius, the Wild and Divine Selves quite clearly—and are able to answer, without hesitation, the question, “How do I know which soul is speaking?” I have yet to find a more meaningful way to access the wisdom of the Personal God and am consistently stunned by the universal truth and beauty of that voice.

Combined with writing practice is the habit of reading something every day which is beautiful, inspiring, sensual, sexy, joyful, transformative. I read poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, self help and anthropology, religious texts, on-line blogs and the revelatory written correspondence of my students.

I want to share with you the practice of writing as a means of deepening your spiritual practice and more fully engaging the three souls in meaningful conversation. Ink & Ecstasy will push your limits, broaden your vision and raise your expectations regarding your own capabilities.

Class meets online for nine weeks beginning February 15. No writing experience is required. Assignments will include reading, writing, class participation and exercises meant to deepen and broaden your current spiritual practice. Our online forum is a respectful, non-critical and kind environment within which to share the whole of yourself.

To register for Ink & Ecstasy please visit http:// karinabheart.com and choose Online Class Offerings.

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