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April 6th, 2010

02:06 pm - Flower Essence Elixers

April Renewal
Special Offer on Flower Essence Elixers!

We are all dynamically interconnected: To one another, the earth and the entirety of the cosmos. As we come to recognize our place in the universe, we sometimes become overwhelmed. Sometimes we are confronted with internal blocks that feel too heavy or large for us to move regardless of the amazing tools we have at hand. This is where the plants and flowers come in. They have agreed to share their essential nature with our divine nature to assist us in healing so we can step forward into who are meant to be and embrace our soul purpose. I have been working with flower essences for over fifteen years. Their energy is both subtle and profound. I would love nothing more than to develop a flower essence elixir designed specifically for you so you can shine ever more fully.

Over the years, I have been continually astounded to witness the deep and lasting transformation in friends, family and clients as a result of using personalized flower essence elixirs.

I have seen people heal from deep spiritual and emotional trauma, depression, anxiety, stage fright, sexual dysfunction, social anxiety, emotional with-holding, PTSD, over-extended shadow selves, and more. Flower essences are such gentle but effective allies in assisting us in breaking through, overcoming and completely transforming our most deeply seated core issues and complexes.

What Does a Consultation Involve?
First and foremost, it requires your sincere desire to release your long held habituated behaviors (be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) so as to make room for you to become who you truly are. What that means for you and I is that you will need to be one hundred percent honest with me about how your complex/issue is manifesting in all areas of your life. If we are to heal ourselves, we must first be able to name our dis-ease.

Initially, we’ll have an in depth telephone consultation where we really narrow things down to a few very specific issues and goals. During this conversation, I also ask your permission to do this work. Permission must come from the parts of you which think and feel as well as the part of you who is divine. There are some very simple exercises I can lead you through to hlep access all the aspects of the self necessary for this work to be truly effective.

After our consultation, I set to developing a personalized elixir using three to seven flower essences chosen based upon our interview, my knowledge of the flowers and plants and accessing my deep listening and intuition. I address the essences individually and as a group, asking if they are willing to work together to participate in your healing process. Once all the essences are gathered, I begin the alchemical process of blending them together for the purpose of your personal transformation. This process includes “charging” the elixir within circle, and invoking specific guides, guardians, spirits and God/desses to participate in the process. Sometimes, I receive information or instructions pertaining to your healing which I pass along to you along with the flower essence elixir when you receive it.

When can I expect it and what do I do with it once I have it?

It can take 7-10 days for me to develop your personalized elixir once we have had our initial consultation. Once your elixir is finished, I will ship it to your promptly.

Personalized flower essence elixirs contain the essence of plants, flowers and sometimes minerals in distilled water and alcohol. Occasionally, flower essences are in a glycerin or honey base. They are generally taken under the tongue (one to three drops at a time) but can also be applied topically over specific null (this is especially helpful for people who cannot consume alcohol even in such tiny amounts). You will be given specific instructions on how much and how often to use your elixir, as well as how to connect and align your full essence with the essence of the plants for optimal results. You will also be given a word or short phrase to repeat each time you take the elixir.
What happens? What will it feel like?

The amazing thing about working with a personalized elixir of flower essences is that you don’t really get any “side effects.” You might have a sensation of one or more chakras opening. You might feel a sense of relief. You might not feel anything at all, but simply notice you have an aversion to the behavior you are trying to transform, or an attraction to new patterns. In my experience, the effects are both subtle and profound. Subtle, in that we might not even notice anything is happening at all. Profound, in that after a few days or weeks, we notice we have made progress on an issue which has plagued us for years!

The beautiful thing about plant and flower essences is that they combine to work with the highest part of you in order to manifest profound transformation on all levels of your being. I should also mention that you will never need to "refill" the personal elixir as the results will be deeply grounded into your being by the time you complete the dosage.

How do I begin?
First, you will need to send me a request here: karinabheart. I will contact you via email and we’ll set up a telephone consultation. Once we have set the appointment, you will send payment in full via paypal along with your shipping information. When the elixir is made, I will contact you via email to notify you that I am shipping it. That’s easy isn’t it?
Personalized flower essence consultation fee (fixed sliding scale) $90, $144 or $135 (see below for April Renewal Special Price Redcution) includes our email correspondence, 45-60 minute telephone consultation, the personalized elixir and individualized instructions for use.

This work brings me great joy. I am honored to be able to offer it to you!

April is renewal month!! This month, I am offering Flower Essence Consultations for a reduced price! My usual sliding scale begins at $90. For the month of April, the sliding scale begins at $61, $79 or $98.

For information on ordering, please go to http://karinabheart.com/Floweressenceconsultations.html

Have a glorious, prosperous, abundant, sexy Spring!
Love and Power--Karina

02:11 pm - Divine Twins Online Intensive

All Mirrors, Bright and Dark

The Divine Twins are bright and dark mirrors of one another.  They oppose, attract, repel, combine, reflect and distract one another.  In this 7 week online intensive we'll explore the stories, lore and reality of these deities as well as how they manifest in our internal and external worlds. 

April 8 – May 20, 2010. 

Registration closes April 6, 2010 at 8PM EST.

In this seven week online intensive we will explore the stories, lore and reality of the Divine Twins as they manifest as distinct entities in continual dynamic interaction with one another.  Of course, we know that God is Self, so we will spend a good deal of time examining how the Twins manifest within us. 

Brothers and lovers, the Divine Twins are continually reborn in the orgasmic fulfillment of the Star Goddess’ desire to Know Herself.  They are known by many names and stories of them abound among the Feri and in other traditions.  They are the marriage of opposites from which paradox is born—ferocity and compassion, fiery and cool, will and surrender.  As such, they embody the queer nature of the Feri tradition.  They are all we aspire to be and everything we fear we might be.  Both beautiful and terrible, their dance is the unending song of creation and destruction.

Their gift is to show us ourselves in all our myriad and seemingly disparate parts.  Are you ready to hear their music; to enter their dance and meet their awe-full and beauty-full gaze?

Registration and payment in full is required NO LATER THAN April 6, 2010.  Upon registration you will be contacted to confirm and receive instructions for how to log into the Moodle Classroom Forum.

You will need:  Internet access, a pen, journal, dictionary and Kala Cup. Magical supplies (candles, incense, oils) and other supplies will be announced in advance of your needing them for upcoming assignments.

For registration, please go here:  http://blackheartferi.com/training/allmirrors-reg.htm

Gaze into the Mirror and RE-cognize your Self!

Love and Power--Karina
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