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April 21st, 2010

11:07 am - In the Name of Passion

In the Name of Passion
An online workshop with Karina focusing on the Passion Point of the Iron Pentacle
May 10 – June 21, 2010.

“Passion without precision is chaos.” -Victor Anderson

Passion is a driving force. Passion is a healing force. Passion requires truthful and authentic expression of Who We Are. On the Iron Pentacle we find the Self must encounter Passion before approaching Pride and Power. In this intensive online workshop we will ignite the fires of passion within us—the fires of cleansing and healing. Loosing the floodgates of our passionate nature, we will break through limiting habits of shame, fear and guilt. Finally, we taste the sweetness of “yes” on our lips as we answer the invitation to dance among the stars.

Join us as we journey deep into the threefold nature of our Passion. Through reading, discussion, a variety of exercises and ritual magic we will endeavor to allow passion to arise in us and find expression in thought, word and deed. Of course, we will also explore how Passion connects to the other points on our Iron Pentacle—Pride, Power, Sex and Self—informing and shaping the whole while also being fed and shaped by them. Iron Pentacle is a dynamic magical tool for the empowerment of the Feri Witch and through us, the world we engage with.

In the Name of Passion is a celebration and affirmation of the three-fold spirits we are—Human, Wild and Divine. Expect the workshop to be juicy, surprising and personally revelatory. Expect to work hard and to be delighted as we come to know the Nature of Passion as it is embodied and expressed through a Self aligned with Sex, Pride and Power. If the nature of the Universe is Passionate, then who does that make you?

Registration deadline is May 7, 2010. Space is limited. Early registration will assure your place. Fixed Sliding Scale $79, $97 or $115. You will be contacted by Amy who is the Registrationatrix. Later, you will be contacted by Sarah who will set you up with passwords and instructions for the Moodle Classroom.

Although “In the Name of Passion” is the third in a series of workshops exploring and empowering the Iron Pentacle, it is appropriate as a stand-alone workshop. Registration is not requisite upon completion of the first two (Sex and Self) workshops in the series.

I am committed to co-creating a respectful container within which to discuss all manner of topics related to Passion. While this is a workshop where we will discuss and employ magic and ritual for the development of Healthy Passion, it is not group-therapy, a support or affinity group. If you are in need of psychological, medical, legal or financial advice, I strongly suggest you locate a professional who can provide those services for you.

Click here to register for In the Name of Passion!

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