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May 19th, 2010

11:42 am - SoulFire! in Denver

A Weekend Intensive Workshop with Karina Black Heart
Held at Spirit Wise Books Gifts

Saturday, July 24
And Sunday, July 25
10:00 am Till 4:00 pm

$97.00—$115.00—$124 Sliding Scale

What is Soul Fire?
Soul Fire burns away the detritus that keeps us from living fully—from shouting a resounding "YES!" to life. Soul Fire burns off our resistance to ecstasy. Soul Fire is the fuel we need to propel us forward straight on into the most glorious and fulfilling lives we can imagine. Soul Fire is the alchemical remedy, the holistic healing, the mystical substance we hunger and thirst for. Soul Fire burns within each of us and also in all things seen and unseen. Soul Fire forges the gateway to our natural state of Innocence. Burning with Soul Fire, we overcome impediments to bringing forth the Gifts we alone are fit to deliver.

In this exciting weekend intensive, we will gain the skills we need to be able to identify our own Soul Fire and ignite its flames so as to empower our Heart's Desire! Through trance journey, breath work, visioning, chant, enchantment, magic and movement we'll enliven our Soul Fire for healing, personal empowerment and more! The Time has come to Know Ourselves for who we Really Are. The Time has come to stand solidly in that knowing, filling ourselves with the Fire of the Soul so we might create the life, the lifestyle, the relationships and the culture our truest Heart's Desire. Register Today at http://cotw.us!

Who's the Teacher?
Karina began studying the Craft in 1991 and entered Feri training in 1994. She attained a Third Road Initiation in 1997 and her Feri Initiation in 2002.  Karina teaches internationally, in person and over distance on Feri, the Craft and skills for excellent self care.  She is also available for private spiritual consultation and mentoring as well as providing Flower Essence Consultations . An ecstatic poet & writer, ordained Minister, Mother, lover, warrior and adventurer, she walks the razor's edge in pride and wonderment. Karina emphasizes ecstatic embodiment of Feri principles and practices in her life and her teachings.

Why the Different Costs?
Please choose your level of payment with care. Generally, the lowest end of the scale is reserved for those who are struggling financially. The highest end is for those who are regularly able to pay for "extras" (workshops, gym memberships, travel, etc.). Scholarships for those unable to handle tuition even at the base rate are made available through your voluntary donations. Class size is limited so as to develop and maintain intimacy between us. Registration and payment in full is required no later than July 24th, 2010.

Ensure your place in this workshop with your non-refundable, transferable deposit of $25 at http://cotw.us

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