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August 16th, 2010

10:30 pm - Gratitude

I was reading LJ tonight and dancingwolfgrrl  reminded me about gratitude lists.  That's how far from normal things have gotten for me.  So, I'm gonna try this thing.  Twenty one days of gratitude posted here.  Read it or skip it.  It's really for me anyhow! 

So, tonight I am grateful for:
A clean, safe home.
A landlord who gives a damn.
Fresh tomatoes with mozarella, basil, salt and pepper.  Perfect.
An ice-maker in the fridge door!
My son who is so sweet and gentle and kind.
My daughter who is so smart and funny and strong.
The computer I am writing this on and DSL internet service
The night sounds of crickets and owls and wind in tree-leaves
The quiet of the house when the kids finally go to sleep.
Two small, wild black kitten twins for making me laugh and smile even when the world felt like it was caving in around me.

For these things, I give thanks and praise.  For these simple pleasures and priviledges and loves.

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