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August 20th, 2010

12:37 am - Day 3


Pizza and conversation courtesy of Anatketani
Curtains in the windows
Cool night air
Sandalwood incense
Norah Jones
Phone call from Germany
A daughter who bakes
Chocolate cake
Low anxiety
Erecting gorgeous altars


10:39 am - In the Name of Power

In the Name of Power.

A seven week online intensive with Karina focusing on the Power Point of the Iron Pentacle
August 31 – October 12, 2010

"Our deepest fear s not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."  Marianne Williamson.

Join us as we journey deep into the threefold nature of our Power. Through reading, discussion, a variety of exercises and ritual magic we will endeavor to allow Power to arise in us and find expression in emotion, thought, word and deed. Of course, we will also explore how power connects to the other points on our Iron Pentacle— Sex, Self, Passion and Pride—informing and shaping the whole while also being fed and fashioned by them.

Iron Pentacle is a dynamic magical tool for personal empowerment of the Feri Witch and through us, the world we engage with.

IN THE NAME OF POWER is a celebration and affirmation of the three-fold spirits we are—Human, Wild and Divine. Expect the workshop to be juicy, surprising and personally revelatory. Expect to work hard to bring about healing, transformation and empowerment. The intensive will reaffirm the Nature of Power as embodied and expressed through Self aligned with Sex, Passion and Pride.

For more information or to register for this workshop, please visit http://www.karinabheart.com/ClassesAug15.html        
Registration dead-line is August 28, 2010. Space is limited. Early registration will assure your place.

Fixed Sliding Scale $88, $106 or $124.

Although “In the Name of Power” can be taken as part in a series of workshops exploring and empowering the Iron Pentacle it is appropriate as a stand-alone workshop and there are No Pre-requisites.

07:09 pm - Day 4

Grateful for:

78 degrees, clear, sunny and not too humid

Living within 5 minutes of the local grocer, library, school, a Cajun restaurant, pizza, chinese food, a great gift shop and my massage therapists office

Garlic mashed potatoes

Used book sellers

Finding my Corel Grahphics and Studio software

Finding the operating System Software for my son's computer so I might be able to get it operating again

The phone did not ring one single time today

The pagan friend who works in the local grocery and steps out from behind the deli to hug me every time I go into the store

Taking on the responsibilty for  this year's local Pagan Pride Ritual

I might actually be writing again.  Ssshhhh.  Don't tell anyone--especially me!

It only seems fair to balance all of this goody goody stuff with the following "discontentments" list:

The Hillbilly Slumlord has not yet sent my Security deposit or the money I paid to fill the oil tank at the Mouth Of Hell.  The check is now 4 days late.  She is not answering her phone.  And I am broke.

I am still opening boxes and bags and getting nailed with the distinctive scent of toxic mold spores.  Hence, I am still not feeling 100% healthy.

I am still only one person and therefore capable of completing only what one person can do in any given 24 hour period. Hence, my ToDo List is still too overwhelming to contemplate.



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