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August 27th, 2010

03:20 am - Day 10

The wonderful magic made when a small pump is place in a big bowl of water with crystals and intention
Candles and Incense
Feng Shui
Daughter's amazing home made double chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Spellcheck when I remember to use it
Friends who tell the Truth
A clear, warm, breezy end-of-summer kind of day
Puttering aroun the house
17 pages of important writing completed over the course of 10 hours
The oh so cozy and inviting bed waiting for me right now

Bonus:  Beacuse it is 3:17 a.m. when I am posting this, there are now only six, count 'em SIX days left until this Mother is Free for six and one half blessed hours per day, five blessed days per week.  Oh! Glory Day is a-comin!  Can I get a witness?  And can I get an Amen?  How about a Hallelujah from the congregation?  We'll be singing freedom songs on September 2, I say!  I say we'll be singin FREEdom songs!

09:57 pm - Day 11

At least the HillBilly SlumLord returned PART of my security deposit
Priority Mail
Sleeping late
Gorgeous weather
Low hanging waning moon
Meeting brandy new people at a Back to School Party for my daughter
Seeing my daughter move from shy to smiling
I seem to have killed the mold carried from our last "residence" in our couches
Stubborn Self Righteousness--sometimes this actually a positive quality
Very very long hot showers

Bonus:  5 more days.  Five.
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