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September 30th, 2010

04:15 pm - Update on Healing with the Ancestors

Thanks for your patience as I update you regarding "Healing with the Ancestors," a nine-week, online intensive.  The deadline for registration is tonight at midnight.  I have had several enquiries regarding confusion over the registration process and am unable to make the changes to my website at present.  I am hoping that if you are one of the people who wanted to register but turned away because the process isn't clear (it's not and I apologize) that this notice will clarify things for you:


You can find out about the workshop by visting my "not specifically Feri" website, www.karinabheart.com

There, you can choose which fixed level of the sliding scale to pay.

You cannot sign into the Moodle Classroom to register, so please avoid that button as it will only frustrate you.

Your tuition payment via paypal is your receipt and (for this class ONLY) is all you have to do.  Usually, there is a registration form.

Paypal generates an email which comes direct to me.

I hand the list of registrant email addresses to Sarah who, in turn, will contact you with a password for log-in to the Moodle Classroom by Saturday afternoon.

It sounds very simple but the website does not make any of this clear.  So, please accept my apologies if you've been wanting or trying to register but were confused at the website.


Thanks so much.


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