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October 1st, 2010

02:21 pm - For. Not Against.


I am for the exposure of abuses small and large in all communities no matter what their purported purposes are.  Isolation, insulation and secrecy are the breeding grounds of abuse.

I am for the free and transparent exchange of ideas and information between all levels of a culture

I am for kindness. 

I am for deep and painstaking self-evaluation prior to, during and after taking action which has the potential to harm Self or Other.

I am for the eradication of and emancipation from both victim and scarcity mentality.

I am for a Self Authority conceived in Silence, Alignment and a sincere desire to be healthy Priests for, "A healthy Priest makes all things sound."  (Francesca DeGrandis)

I am for Devotion to Gods who are in turn, devoted to this God.

I am for supporting every single human being in their awakening and evolution so each might carry forth their gifts into the world(s) for all to behold and take part in.

I am for looking at every person, situation and circumstance as a mirror meant to reveal something profound about our individual selves and God Herself--for we are one and the same thing.  We are all bright and dark mirrors for one another.

I am for forgiveness.

I am for the end of Kapu which came to pass because the Priestly Caste thought highly of itself and therefore kept that which was power-full hidden and secreted away from those they deemed “unworthy” or “unprepared.”  This happened in Hawaii, the Church and in all specialties, creating caste systems which inevitably, generate abuses.  Kapu is the root cause, in Hawaiian lore, for the Fall from Grace.

I am for the revelation, proclamation, celebration and generation of Potential and Power of which there is a limitless supply.

I am for freedom to be who and what we are--which may, necessarily and inadvertently--cause others discomfort

I am for love.

I am for prayer, listening, offering, devotion and magic.

I am for trusting in abundance and peace and that everything is playing out exactly as it should.

I am for cheering on and celebrating the successes and well-being of my brethren whether they choose to keep secrets or shout them from the rooftops.

I am for the belief that we are each finding our way, that Initiation is not the end and that we will all make really big mistakes along the Way.

I am for Truth and for Honor-- recognizing mine may differ from yours which doesn't make either of us "wrong."

I am for diversity and dichotomy and paradox and conundrums being recognized as blessings, gifts and great teachers.

I am for impeaching the words wrong, outcast, orphaned and shunned from the language and from our practices.

I am for hanging out late at night and laughing until my jaws and ribs ache, my eyes tear up I fall asleep grinning.

I am for sweaty, gorgeous, sex shared between human bodies whose souls recognize Divinity when they see it.

I am for the sharing of delcious meals around a well set table in a relaxed atmosphere.

I am for listening to the wind and water, the night sky and the birds, silence, fire and drum-talk.

I am for living and letting live while creating space and opportunity for transformation, magic, love.

I am for weeping in ecstatic union with God Herself over our “beauty and power, honor and humility, mirth and reverence.”


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