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November 30th, 2010

09:48 am - December Offerings

I'm currently offering two online intensives beginning in Early December.  Click the links for descriptions.

Dancing on the Knife's Edge:  Explorations in Daring, Danger and Delight  http://karinabheart.com/ClassesAug15.html  and
Holiday HolyDaze http://karinabheart.com/ClassesAug15.html

My daughter is still trying to raise funds for travel this coming year.  She has three new Magical Mists available for December including "Prosperity,"  "Iron Will" and "Lunar Kiss."  She will continue to offer "Vibes Away" due to popular demand.  FaeryGirl Magical Mists are available in 8 oz and 1/2 oz (fits in your pocket) sizes for $16 and $5.  For full descriptions and ordering go here  http://karinabheart.com/Donationa.html

 I'm offering some Flower Essence Blends which will be available for delivery in December only.  In the past, I have only offered personalized blends but have noted that many people are looking for similar assistance in overcoming obstacles for personal and spiritual growth.  In response, I've created a limited supply of the following Flower Essence Blends:  Divine Alignment,  Co-dependence, Open & Safe,  Release Fear, The Next Level.  For full descriptions and ordering go here  http://karinabheart.com/FlowerEssenceBlends.html 

You can still order Personalized Flower Essences here:  http://karinabheart.com/Floweressenceconsultations2.html

SomethingI rarely "advertise" is my Soul Alignment Work--call it spiritual counseling, life coaching, personal development or 1:1 work (help me find a name for this, someone!)--which you can read about here: 

I am currently still interviewing students for Distance Training in the BlackHeart Line of the Feri Tradition, however it is my intention to close this down within the next couple of months so as to answer the Call to other work I am currently in process of developing.  If you or someone you know has been putting off working with me in this capacity, I strongly suggest you come aboard while the ship is still docked before its final departure!  For information, go here:  http://www.blackheartferi.com

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