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December 11th, 2010

07:45 pm - Keep it Simple

Last night we gathered for magic and laughter, irreverance and devotion, kinship and kisses, health and rememberance.  I never got to bed until 1:30 and slept like the dead until the alarm went off at eight.  This morning, the Beginner class (3 to be exact, in case you are worried--we are a Worrier Tradition, after all!) arrived on time and ready for eight hours of prayer, learning, sharing, laughter, tears and deepening of  their nascent practice and relationship to Mystery. 

I had to wrestle myself to do it.  Earlier this week, I thought, "Where am I taking them?  And why would I do such a thing?  Maybe I should, I dunno, use my skills to teach home organization or How to be a Bargain Huntress in 7  Easy Steps!"

Eventually, SomeOne whispered, "It's not about that nonsense.  It's about magic, ethics, enchantment, and connection."

"Connection to what?"  I demanded, with not a little scarcasm.

"To us.  Self.  God Hirself.  Mystery.  The Old Ways."

"Yeah, but. . . ."

 "Remember who you are."




Twelve Step Programs have a slogan:  "Keep it Simple."

Yeah.  Like that.

They also have this neat-o system called "The Twelve Traditions",for managing to keep difficult people working together so the organization made up entirely of recovering alcoholics (in varying states of recovery, I might add), doesn't implode--leaving other alcoholics with nowhere to turn for recovery support.  Whenever folks would get caught up in drama, someone would remind everyone, "Principles before personalities."

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