January 13th, 2011

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Making Peace with Money. Online Intensive

Making Peace With Money.

January 28 - March 4, 2011.  Online Intensive

Spiritual seekers have frequently delineated spiritual development and purity from the “taint” of money, separating ourselves from the flow of abundance.  This online intensive will provide a forum for us to wrestle with the “good and evil” of money in our personal lives, political ideologies and spiritual practices as well as the uses and abuses of money in the world.  We’ll unflinchingly examine our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and actions around the acquisition and dispossession of money. 

Money is a powerful, agreed upon symbolic energy.  Energy can become blocked and turn against itself.   If we clamp down against it, resist it, hoard or worship it, it will cause dis-ease.  Likewise, if we open to it, allowing it to flow into, through and out of us with grace, gratitude and honor, it generates health and well being.

We who critique the over-culture and deign to become cultural creators are at a critical point when we need to evaluate and evolve beyond the old paradigms.  Certainly, the “love of money” and its misuse is a tremendous contributor to the state of affairs we find ourselves in.   However, it is curious that we who eschew the dominant paradigms still hold fast to the Christian directive, “Money is the root of all evil.”  How can we be effective in the transformation of ourselves and by extension, the world we live in, if we refuse to engage with or perceive as “evil” this particular kind of energy? 

Let’s take a long, hard look at money and our relationship with it.  We cry we do not have enough but demonize this energy which is still currently necessary for our survival.  By denying Money and painting it as evil, we are not disempowering it, but ourselves.  It becomes the boogeyman we simultaneously need and fear.  The root of all evil, the road to damnation, money holds power over us.  I was taught, “A Witch bows before no one.”  Yet, everywhere I look, I see us prostrated before the false god of money.

Let’s move into right relationship with money so it is free to flow through our lives in the same ways we enjoy the energies of love, magic, passion and joy.  Let’s move past our resistance, fear and demonizing so we might meet not only our most basic human needs for survival with ease but dare to entertain those endeavors which nourish and elevate our hearts, minds and souls.  Let’s brainstorm ways and means to enrich our lives and communities using alternative forms of energy exchange.  Let’s befriend the “demon,” we name Money so it no longer holds power over us but becomes a power which flows through us and, having done so, becomes sacred.  Let’s get up from our posture of prostration and stand tall with arms lifted and hands open wide in sacred receivership and generosity.

We’ll engage in discussion, reading, research, art-play, meditation, ritual and transformational magic in this seven week journey toward Making Peace with Money.

Fixed Sliding Scale:  $79, $97 or $115
Register by January 25, 2011.  Go to http://karinabheart.com

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Fool's Quest Retreat!

Fool’s Quest:
Explorations in Divine Madness & Crazy Wisdom
April 1-3, 2011
Rindge, New Hampshire


The Fool embodies new beginnings, enthusiasm, fearlessness and delight. Protected by his innate innocence, The Fool moves sure-footedly into uncharted territories. The first and last of the Major Arcana, he begins his Quest as a fool but returns to his starting place bearing Wisdom, Strength, Magic and Power. Wise Fools are imbued with a kind of Divine Madness. Having enaged with the Divine they manipulate ordinary reality, distinguish the falacy from truth and are capable of holding many truths simultaneously. Playful, Lascivious and Daring, the the Fool instills a deep Widsom.

The Fool is aligned with the Trickster archetype who disturbs the status quo through generating chaotic beauty from stagnant order. By inciting laughter, the Trickster/Fool delivers us directly into our most Innocent nature. Thus opened, we are capable of deep transformation.

Join us for this exciting and challenging weekend as we explore the Trickster, Fool, Divine Madmen and Crazy Wisdom Keepers from around the world and deep within. This weekend we will shake things up, sweep out the cobwebs, walk the edges , cross the boundaries, leap the fires and enter ecstatic states by engaging the powers of fearlessness and laughter. This might be the spring cleaning you’ve been putting off for way too long! When was the last time you laughed until you cried? When was the last time you wept until you giggled? When have you been held in the arms of a community of seekers who actively encouraged outrageous ecstasy and dissonant depth? When have you given yourself permission to “play the Fool?” When have you entertained "foolishness" as a path to Wisdom?

The Fool carries new energy, exuberance, passion and wild wisdom to our personal practices and spiritual lives. His/her Quest is a powerful one. Dare to undertake it with a light heart but with the deep passion which propells us ever forward toward Wholeness.

We will engage with breath, soul alignment, purification practices, the land and sky-scapes, art-play, movement, discussion, sacred games, story, journaling and other practices to engage the fullness of our being as we endeavor to refresh our spiritual practices, set a course for ourselves and step upon that path carrying trust, good will and a sense of adventure

The Fool's Quest Weekend Intensive offers the seeker/practicioner:

Tools for accessing hidden aspect of Self.
Alignment of our Genius-Wild-Divine Selves.
Clearance of internal blocks to attaining your Wisdom and Desire.
Transformational exercises for opening to Divine Madness & Crazy Wisdom
Revelation of our True Desire.
Establish relationship with the Fool Archetype as an ally, guide and aspect of Self.
Courage and methods for undertaking the path to attaining your Desire
Compassion and Light-hearted acceptance of our human foibles.
Development of Passion and Will.
A more playful approach to the serious task of spiritual development.

Having embraced the Fool, you'll step away from the Castle filled with bright eyed enthusiasm and well prepared to face the joys and challenges ahead with Wisdom and style!

Fool’s Quest takes place at a modern, solar powered Castlein New Hampshirewhich was lovingly built to include many facets of old English and European castles. Located on 500 acres of private fields, forests, trails and lakes. It is a stunningly well appointed and comfortable venue with secret passageways, towers, fireplaces, private and shared sleeping quarters, a gourmet kitchen and a hot tub. Here among the suits of armor, tapestries and coats of arms, we’ll gather for meals, merriment, magic and madness.

Space Is limited to 20 participants. Please send a private message to Karina here or via her website if you are interested in attending this weekend intensive. Please register by February 15, 2011.

Sliding Scale is fixed at $322, $367 or $412 and includes the weekend intensive, full meal plan, lodging and amenities at the Castle.

Karina B. Heart has been sharing her gifts generously for over twenty years as a teacher, mentor, priestess and writer. She is an ordained minister, public speaker, Reiki practitioner, flower essence consultant, life coach and community leader who has studied spirituality and metaphysics widely and initiated into several traditions, including Feri Tradition. All all of her years of training and practice come together to inform this work/play. Karina offers a variety of metaphysical, spiritual and self-awareness workshops and trainings in person and online. She has travelled widely, carrying her gifts throughout the United States and Europe.

To register for The Fool's Quest or learn more about Karina's other offerings, please visit http://www.karinabheart.com/