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January 28th, 2011

10:50 am - go read this


has said in her usual poetic and forthright language, what no one else has been able to say with such compassion and honor regarding the recent "break up" within the Tradition.   Thank you, Eldri. 

11:22 am - Getting back

I keep meaning to get back to this.  But, really, I didn't want to subject you to any more of my long winded meanderings intended to get to a point.  It's taken me this long to wind my way (in silence, meditation, prayer and private conversation) around to the point myself!

Here it is:  I am still Karina.  I will continue to do and be and teach in the ways I have before.  I came into this thing sideways and faraway.  I treaded water, took airplanes and reached out across a continent to connect with my "long lost tribe."   I have deep respect for many of the tribe.  I have great reservations about others.  I am pained-- perhaps, it is not the division but the manner it was done.  No matter.  What's done is done.

At the end of the day . . . which has lasted nearly amonth . . . little has changed.  I still respect and honor members of the Feri/Faery Tribe(s) on all sides (because, let's face it, there are more than two stories).  Likewise, I still hold at arms length those people I have had always held reservations about.

Call me what you like.  Claim me as your own or disown me as belonging to the "other side."  My Naming, though, belongs to me.  For Names have power and I encourage us all to define ourselves with care.

My road has always been a careful and precise blending of the Darkness, Silence and Mystery with that of the Daylight, the Daring and the Known.  BlackHeart Feri strives to dance upon the Knife's Edge.  It is what we do.  It is who we are.  We hold Silence, Mystery and Kinship in great reverence.  And, we carry the gifts we deem appropriate into the worlds.  For the days when the people all knew where to find the village witch's cabin are long gone (though they might come again). 

Today, this Witch, doesn't wait for a knock on the door but goes among the people offering her services where there is need.  The days of apprentices filling the larder after the harvest, of fish caught fresh being brought to the door, of woven blankets gifted and wood for the fire being stacked . . . these are long over (although, they might come again).  Today, this Witch asks to be paid for her work in the same way everyone else does--and in a manner the people comprehend.  If it is too much, we work something out.  If it is not enough, we work something out. 

I hope to continue what I have always set forth to do:  Embody the best of both worlds.  Stirring brightness into the cauldron of silence and old fashioned Tradition with a pinch of daring and a strong handful of discernment.
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