March 20th, 2011

blackheart in hand

Day Two. Only three days late!

Day Two: Nine things about yourself

1)  I sometimes (ok, often) make commitments to myself I am incapable of following through on
2)  From early October through mid March I always have a pot of soup simmering (No.  Not the same one!)
3)  From mid March through the end of September there is some kind of gorgeous salad on my plate at least once a day
4)  I love to cook.  Really.  Love it.  But, only when I feel like.  I do not enjoy obligatory cooking and make no claim to be above throwing a frozen pizza in the oven in lieu of making dinner.
5)  I'm an introvert who has short lived, spontaneous bouts of extroversion which surprise and exhaust me.
6)  I have a thing for really beautiful bath soaps, salts, teas.  My bath tub is a sanctuary and a temple.
7)  I have a secret desire to live communally.  This is hysterically funny to me because I am a Capricorn and thus, must have complete control over who lives in *my* commune!   
8)  Gerbera daisies in a bouquet with roses are my favorite.
9)  I'm a collector of rocks, seashells, feathers, yarn, glass perfume bottles, bells, chimes, bowls and most recently, cheap store-bought reading glasses.