March 27th, 2011

blackheart in hand

Day Nine: 2 images that describe my life right now, and why.

Why oh why didn't I see this one.  I have to find images?  Gah!  Dammit!

I'm not doing it.  I'll describe the images.  Okay?  Okay.  My living room.  My game.  Hardly anyone's reading anyway.

1)  First scene:  Opening the door to home at dawn. Behind me is a long path leading out of the woods which are filled with DANGER (!!!!), sharp toothed scary beings, huge obstacles, quick sand, flying RAPTORS, trees with claws, scary NOISES, Bad Witches and VAMPIRES.
  It's been a long night.  Damn.  It's good to be home. 

Why this image?
Cause the last year felt a lot like navigating my way through an enchanted forest.  Not the good kind of enchanted forest.  Nope.  The way scary bad horrible awful kind.
And I made it.  And I'm unscathed.  And I'm wiser.  And I'm better.  And I'm stronger for it.
Damn.  It's good  to be home.

2)  Predawn.  Dark sky lightening.  Stars still visible.  Dew kissed grass.  Silence.  All the world awaits this moment of awakening.  The vantage point of the lens of this camera  from high on a hilltop.  Before us lies a sweet path leading down through the Meadow, across the brook and beyond.  The feeling is one of renewed hope, smiling anticipation, heart centered gratitude, fulfillment, preparedness for this next leg of the Journey.  This, I guess is the Fool in the Tarot --when s/he's cycled through the Path of the Major Arcana and is stepping out again.  This time the Fool is not so foolish.  This time, she is Wise.

Isn't that self explanatory?
No?  Alright then, I'll explain, but just a little.

'Cuz I've gathered all I know and I'm carrying it in this little bag and I'm ready to walk sure footedly right on into the next moment.  And the one after that and the one after that.  And from here, I can almost forget that somewhere through that sunlit valley is the dark enchanted forest.  Why do this again?  It's the FOOL, remember?  Plus, what I've learned is really inside.  What's in the bag is mace, a machete, a silver bullet, rope, a bow & arrow, an i-pod and some gingerbread cookies (for the Bad Witches, of course!).