March 28th, 2011

blackheart in hand

Day 10: One Confession

There are at least a dozen books on my nightstand waiting to be read.  Some of them have been there for over a year.

On the upside.  I started working through them last week.  Currently reading Terry Pratchett (because he makes me think and laugh), Oriah Mountaindreamer (because she lifts my spirit and elevates my desire to write) and Ivo Dominguez (because I'm tired of everyone talking about his work and not being able to contribute anything to the conversation) all at once.  This means that my laptop is no longer allowed in my bedroom.  Ever.
blue eyed god


I've been struck.
And I've been very, very busy these months while holding Silence.

I am about to burst.  To explode.  To take off.    To launch . . . . . . .

One of several new projects.

I am diverging from the well worn pathways I have created.   Branching out, reaching beyond, taking a leap, setting my sights.  (Yes.  I am still teaching Feri.  No this has nothing to do with the schism.)

Tomorrow, I launch it on my website  Take a look.  Lend your good vibes, energy, prayers and blessings.  And, tell everyone you know.  Even your mother, your brother, you co-workers and car-pool people. 

How will I ever sleep tonight?
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