loveandpower (loveandpower) wrote,

Signal Boost

Did you know I offer 1:1 consultations, coaching, mentoring and SoulPath readings? Contact me via for information and appointments for yourself or a friend.

Also, some inexpensive but high impact gift ideas available at  :

FaeryGirl Magical Mists  for $5 and $16 
Personalized Flower Essence Consultations (20% discount through Jan 15)
Special Flower Essence Blends available for $18 through Dec 31
SHE:  A Feri Creation Trance Journey Meditation --a trance journey, affirmation of your creative capacities and a magical working.  $13 instant download.

Thanks for your support!

Tags: boost, coaching, downloads, flower essences, gifts, magic, mentoring, readings, self care
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