loveandpower (loveandpower) wrote,

Things I don't have to do this xmas

Snagged this idea from HappyDog.

1)  Go to Target and buy cheap crap
2)  Go to Best Buy and buy expensive crap
3)  Make apple pies for the family gathering.  It turns out they don't like my spicey, ginger apple pie!  Hooray!
4)  Pretend to be Santa Claus
5)  Eat the cookies and drink the milk left for Santa
6)  Wrap 100000 things at midnight only to have them all unwrapped at dawn, before coffee.
7)  Attend a single Solstice/Yule/Winter Ritual that I didn't want to out of obligation
8)  Smile and be grateful for the thoughtless last minute gift he purchased at Walmart 15 minutes before closing
9)  Worry if she's gonna call
10)  Carry firewood in to heat the house

What I did this Solstice Season Instead:
1)  Took the kids on a hayride through our old New England Town
2)  Purchased used ski equipment for everyone at tag sales, Craigs List and Lion's Club sales.
3)  Cooked beautiful, delicious, nutritious, non-"Traditional" seasonal fare
4)  Stayed up through the invisible eclipse making prayers
5)  Gave thanks for the real tree and ornaments donated by friends and family
6)  Made ornaments and wreaths and decorations and cookies with the kids
7)  Remained True to myself
8)  Left offerings for the land spirits and Fae with the kids
9)  Built a fire in the fire bowl, made Solstice Smores, drank Cocoa and sang songs with the kids (--done by 8pm!)
10)  Kept it simple at every turn

May your Season be simple and real and the Blessings go far and deep.

Tags: enforced spending, falacy, mandatory gratitude, simplicity, solstice, sweetness, xmas
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