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Forward Movement

Seems like "simplicity and grace" have been my code words and mantra this season--between Samhain and Solstice.  For this, I am thankful after many months of complication and stress!  A handful of my students are beginning Power Quest Work.  I am not excused from doing this along with them, it seems.  So, I am making my list and checking it twice--generating goals for this turning of the Great Wheel.

I am in the research and development stage for three new training programs which are not-Feri.  I am incredibly excited at the prospect of breaking out of the container which has shaped me personally as well as my work and how I present it.  I love Feri Tradition.  And, the intensity of  midwifing strong Feri Witches into being is one of the most incredible experiences I could ever participate in--when it works.  That said, I think it'd be great fun and deeply nourishing to offer some trainings which are not so "high stakes." 

Not everyone needs Feri.  Nor should everyone attempt it.  How many students who needed something I could give them have I turned away because what I was offering was Feri and not the path made for their feet?  I am tired of being that kind of GateKeeper. 

There are seeds which should be scattered far and wide--seeds of transformation and self awareness, seeds of devotion and mystery, seeds of innocence and sweetness, power and vulnerability, danger and delight.  Like a gardner, I am purusing the seed catalogs and testing the soil, graphing out the beds on paper, gathering tools.  My head is filled with visions of sun drenched flowers, aromatic herbs, dirt caught beneath fingernails, climbing vines and ripened fruit.  The Garden Gate is thrown wide open in invitation . . . . here some sit in silence while others run laughing through the sprinklers, some play music while others dance; some seek solace and rest while others require disciplined work.  All are fed and nourished. 

So mote it be.
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