loveandpower's Journal

26 December
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Shamanista, Wild Woman, Feri Priest traversing the terrain between stars. Daring to discuss sex, death, money, god, joy, beuaty, art, magic, religion, politics, self-responsibility, ethics, honor. Balancing sole-parenthood, homeschooling, self-employment and a job while keeping a sense of the sacred. Striving for Fierce Strength, Wild Compassion and long run-on sentences with a lot of commas, parenthetical commentary and an occassional semi-colon thrown in for good measure.

I invite you to participate in this distant orgy of words. I care about the word hitting the back of your retina--that moment of intimate sharing of ecstatic experience between Lovers . . . and we are all Lovers just as we are all Warriors. I contradict myself from day to day, my thoughts don't march neatly in linear order but run wild through fields, soar through star-studded space and sink into mud-mired depths. This is my way. I know my poetry is not metered or rhymed or carefully constructed. Rather, it comes to me full blown in moments of ecstatic embodiement and demands to be committed to the page without edit. This is my way. Spells and rituals are interwoven in my daily round--they bubble up unplanned and unbidden. This is my Way. My life is magical, practical, messy, spur-of-the-moment, inspired, precise, conscious, responsible. This is my Way.
Feri Witch and teacher. Founder of the BlackHeart line. Focused on embodiment, ethics, ecstasy and the development of Feri Priests. My website is www.blackheartferi.com My less personal/intimate space for sharing/teaching is http://soulalignments.blogspot.com/